I’m Brian Krenzer:

I find and champion awe-inspiring ideas.

I am a freelance creative director who has spent over 20 years with digital agencies in Canada and the United States; guiding incredibly talented teams to produce award-winning work that gets results.

Smarter creative comes from 20 years in the digital marketing trenches , and I’ve got the war stories to show for it.
— That was me

I learned the foundation of smarter creative running point while my team developed digital gaming experiences that transfixed players for dumbfounding amounts of time for Playstation. I helped Sugar Crisp find the guts to cut the head off their iconic brand mascot and turn it into a robot. And I helped connect kids with giant cheese explosions, rocket-powered hammers, and parachuting elephants for Goldfish.

Through it all, I’ve learned that when we keep smarter creative top of mind, we succeeded.

I led the creative team at Noise Digital

At Noise Digital in Vancouver, I put smarter creative in action developing creative strategies and digital experiences for Tic Tac, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Surprise, Sleeman, BCLC, Credit Unions of BC, and Playstation. I led creative and media strategy for Destination BC, Tim Tam, Goldfish and Leo Vegas; leveraging the latest ad tech and using data to ensure the right creative was seen by the right consumers at exactly the right time.

I learned to be a creative leader at Razorfish

At Razorfish in Chicago, I honed my skills working on results-driven brands like AT&T, BlackBerry, Oscar Mayer, and Kraft Foods. I brought talking cookies to the operating rooms of Grey’s Anatomy, and trained dogs to guide users across the internet. My work for Alpo dog food helped redefine the boundaries of online advertising resulting in dramatic sales increases and the highest honours from the Online Marketers Association. 

Awards & Honours:

OMMA Award for Best Banner Ad

Summit Emerging Media Award (3)

Marcom Award (2)

Facebook Studio (3)

Canadian Marketing Association Award

Pro Award (3)

Shopper Innovation Award