Destination BC


Turning mountains of data into destination marketing success.

In 2017 I worked with the media and strategy teams at Noise Digital to develop smarter creative and help Destination British Columbia bring travellers to BC.

I combed through mountains of data and analytics to find the messages and visuals that would entice travellers to engage with the brand and eventually book a visit. With seemingly limitless amounts of jaw-dropping content at our disposal, I partnered with the creative team inside Destination BC to develop hundreds of pieces of creative.

We used state of the art dynamic display campaigns, ultra-targeted YouTube ads, and a full suite of Facebook content ads to connect with travellers. We kept the brand position top of mind as we dug deep into the results and analytics to understand exactly what kinds of messages, images, and video content would encourage potential travellers to book a visit.

At the end of the campaign Destination BC and Noise Digital had clear recommendations on what to shoot, and how to inspire with their next brand campaign.


Booking leads rose 40% year over year.

Credit: Noise Digital & Destination BC