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Folks don’t bet when the home team sucks, unless you’re using smarter creative.

When the Seattle Seahawks and the Vancouver Canucks are hot, sports fans bet with BCLC’s When they’re not, the opposite is true. With both teams underperforming, I worked with Noise Digital to use smarter creative to keep local fans betting.

We created hundreds of messaging and art variations ready to roll out in media. We created a dynamic display campaign based on team performance that could change creative messages at a moment’s notice.

When the fortunes of the Seahawks and Canucks looked up, our dynamic display units pushed out emotionally-charged copy lines designed to reignite fandom and encourage confidence in betting on the team again.

When play was especially discouraging, messaging and creative dynamically shifted to focus to exciting out-of-market games. Headlines, colours and team names would adapt to suit the match-ups, creating custom messaging across tens of thousands of possible combinations.

As the football and hockey seasons unfolded, we updated and optimized the campaign to ensure we were targeting the right messages, to the right fans, when they were most likely to place a bet.

Success for PlayNow Sports would not have been possible without smarter creative.


40% drop in cost per acquisition

Credit: Noise Digital