Ferrero Rocher


Smarter creative reveals the beauty in the details for Ferrero Rocher.

Ferrero Rocher’s share was melting away in favour of its competitors. Canadians thought of it as a Christmas-only treat that didn’t taste as good as the competitors. I led the team at Noise Digital to reposition Ferrero Rocher and reinforce the brand’s taste credentials.

Research revealed our consumers had a deep desire to slow down and appreciate special moments. In addition we knew that taste is best communicated as a full sensory experience.

From those key insights we developed a new brand position for the Ferrero Rocher: Beauty is in the Details. With its delicately crushed hazelnuts, smooth milk chocolate, silky cream and magical gold foil Ferrero Rocher could inspire consumers to appreciate all of the beautiful details that make a moment more special.


Top 10 all-time highest brand recall on Instagram

Instagram follower growth from 0 to 175,000 without paid fan acquisition

236 Million impressions since 2014

5.8 Million post engagements since 2014

Credit: Noise Digital

To bring the new positioning to life we created hundreds of beautiful moments inspired by Ferrero Rocher. We shared those moments in paid media and social media with a special emphasis on Instagram.

The launch campaign opened with a rich video experience showing all of the details of a spectacular holiday party set to Marvin Gaye’s, “Sunny”. The shoot generated hundreds of pieces of content to be shared over Facebook and Instagram.

The following year we worked with influencers to create content that would show off both the taste and style of Ferrero Rocher. We shared their beautiful creations with our Instagram community and used the content to draw in new community members.

As the campaign evolved into a third holiday season we shifted the focus of our content to help consumers create their own special holiday moments. We created a series of do-it-yourself videos each designed to showcase the beautiful details of Ferrero Rocher.