Oscar Mayer


Roll out the Weinermobile(s) and let’s put America in a good mood!

In 2010 Oscar Mayer launched a new TV campaign declaring "It doesn't get better than this". At Razorfish I led the team turning that campaign into a mission to generate 3,000,000 lbs of food for families in need.

This Good Mood Mission would grow into a giant digital program including a rich campaign microsite, live events, 3 billion media impressions, 6 creative refreshes and of course, the Wienermobile.

We shot custom content for online video and rich media. We launched a destination website where consumers shared their good moods. When all was said and done we’d reached millions of people and had helped feed families in need. Not bad.


480,000 user-generated submissions

155,000 new Facebook fans

425,000 coupons distributed

3,000,000 lbs. of food donated to Feeding America

Credit: Razorfish