Tic Tac Faceoff


Smarter creative gives Tic Tac fans the flavours they want.

Smarter creative builds on the results of your previous campaigns. Five years of experience directing Tic Tac’s social media communities for Noise Digital had showed me that Tic Tac fans LOVE to talk about the fantasy flavours they wished Tic Tac would release.

For a seasonal campaign we decided to give fans exactly what they wanted… control over the next limited edition Tic Tac flavour with a dead simple and totally addictive promotion optimized for their mobile phones.

In the Tic Tac Flavour Faceoff, Tic Tac lovers could vote for their favourite flavour just by shaking their mobile device. We used the phone’s gyroscope and vibration features to replicate the rattle of a real Tic Tac package with every shake.

Each shake was a vote for the next limited edition flavour of Tic Tac and a chance to win instant prizes and a year’s supply of the winning flavour.


15,000,000 votes

16:00 average time spent on site

15% increase in Green Apple Tic Tac trade pre-orders

Credit: Noise Digital