Tic Tac 200


Never-ending bubble-wrap, for the nearly never-ending Tic Tac 200 packs. That’s smarter creative.

With more Tic Tac than ever before, we released the Tic Tac 200 Infinite Bubble Wrap to drive awareness for the launch of the new Tic Tac 200. With every pop on their mobile devices consumers unleashed wizards, rocket-hooved unicorns and prizes to be shared across social media.

We simultaneously launched an animated GIF keyboard for Android and iOS so Tic Tac fans could spread the word.

The Tic Tac 200 launch was a perfect example of how an idea optimized for mobile experiences could deliver better results.


35 million bubbles popped

250,000 Tic Tac 200 animated GIFs sent to 475,000 people

Tic Tac 200 sales rose 32%

Credit: Noise Digital