Goldfish Flavour Blasted


Rocket-powered hammers, monster slingshots, and parachuting elephants… big ideas and epic content for Goldfish Flavour Blasted.

While I was leading the creative team at Noise Digital we were tasked with encouraging tweens to try the new, BIG flavour product; Goldfish Flavour Blasted. We exploded out of the blocks answering the important question;

How do they get so much awesome flavour onto such a tiny cracker? THEY BLAST IT

Our smarter creative concept brought our target’s wildest dreams to life, giving them a peak at how every Goldfish Flavour Blasted cracker gets epically blasted with flavour. We took our epic idea from mobile screens all the way to cinema screens.

With our friends at the Boldly Film Production Company, we shot spots for two deliciously-volatile flavours of Campbell’s Goldfish Flavour Blasted; Kick It Up A Nacho and Xtreme Cheddar. We stood in awe as our cast and crew obliterated a huge wedge of cheddar cheese with the help of a rocket-powered-hammer-wielding strongman and were front-row for a heavy-metal Nacho cheese rock concert.

When the cheese and nacho debris had cleared, we had two epic :60 second and :30 second spots that were blasted onto the big screen. Then we reloaded our cheese cannons and developed more Flavour Blasted spots built custom for the small screens of Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.



Top 5 all-time highest performing Cineplex ad

86% brand recall

23% higher purchase intent than industry average

48% of viewers said they’d ask Mom for Goldfish Flavour Blasted