Giving Sleeman drinkers a bit of adventure in a sea of contest boredom.

Sleeman couldn’t compete against the bigger beer brands with in-store give-aways, so we turned to an idea grounded in smarter creative to help Sleeman stand out.

We channeled the notorious spirit of Sleeman and developed a bad ass on-pack, in-store and online promotion where we dared consumers to pass up a guaranteed prize, or take a shot at something bigger. All consumers had to do was play a mobile game and find a match.

The Sleeman Choice game was designed to be played on mobile screens. The lure of prizes like a Triumph motorcycle and a gorgeous interface design kept players purchasing Sleeman and coming back to our game.

Go for the prize in the box, or take a shot at something bigger. Do you dare?


88% of players had the guts to go for a bigger prize

Over 40,000 registered players

35% increase in registrations from previous year

2.3 PINs redeemed per player

Credit: Noise Digital