creative director, Art Director, & Strategist.

I deliver smarter creative.


In a chaotic Digital Marketing landscape

Smarter creative gets better results:

Whether BRAND AWARENESS, ENGAGEMENT, CONVERSIONS or SALES, smarter creative makes reaching your digital marketing goals more likely. Smarter creative also makes the process of generating your ads smoother and more efficient.

Big data can help you find your best customers, but it takes smarter creative to effectively deliver your brand message. Smarter creative is digital first, platform perfect, ready for optimization, and powered by big ideas.

Destination BC used mountains of data to develop smarter creative:

Increasing booking leads by over 40% year over year.


Spooning and spreading the way to a Nutella innovation:

Smarter creative spawned the Nutella Spife, and a 12% sales lift. 


Smarter creative made the holidays beautiful one detail at a time:

I worked with Ferrero Rocher to generate thousands of pieces of content, 200,000 Instagram followers, and record sales.


I work with brands and agencies.

I can integrate with existing teams or lead my own. I bring the process and structure to strategize, concept, and execute smarter creative for digital advertising.

A decapitated brand mascot speaks:

Smarter creative brought Tweet-to-Speak Sugar Bear to life on campuses across Canada.


Betting action soared even when the home team sucked:

I used smarter creative in dynamic ads and real-time creative for PlayNow Sports.


When to call for smarter creative:

If your brand is struggling to find the right graphic design, video, or social media content solutions, I can help. Or if you’re not happy with the way your brand is coming to life in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or online media campaigns, let’s talk.

Smarter creative can help your brand at any point in the creative process, here’s a few suggestions:


Manage the anxiety of ideation;  I can generate “big ideas” and sort the mechanics of your campaign


Plan your campaign more efficiently; I can help design your testing and optimization strategy


Save time and money building your ads; I can ensure alignment with your objectives and best practices


I can turn a creative eye to the results and analytics to bring efficiency in your future campaigns

More campaigns built with smarter creative: